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Wordmogul financial goals

As a small self-funded project, we have small and realistic financial milestones. We want wordmogul to be a sustainable operation, where users are cherished and bugs fixed on time. We want to provide a high level of service for a reasonable price. Wordmogul is still young and in a growth mode, and thus we plan to reinvest most of the fees for service in the improvement of functionality.

Following are our current financial milestones tied to the service growth:

Syntax Description Test Text
Header Title Here’s this
Paragraph Text And more

10 users - we will upgrade to a better server 50 users - we will move to a fast on-prem server 100 users - we will implement blog importer 300 users - we will offer file upload 500 users - we will open a wish-list to members and implement requested features 1000 users - we will have a full-time person working full-time on wordmogul to implement a wishlist

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